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A new look for a new start

Hello all,

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here… We’ve gone for a whole new style and a new signature peppermint green colour. Fresh!

After 6 months living in Dublin, I am returning to London next week and am looking forward to getting back into the theatre scene. To celebrate I’ve updated the blog and added some features.

  • How to get cheap tickets‘ page: This was always a popular part of my reviews, so I have added a permanent page with my top tips.
  • Fun Musicals Stuff‘: Taken from the old ‘Highly Recommended Links’ page, this page has links to choirs, other blogs, videos and all good things musical theatre.

Plans are also afoot for a review of Assassins at The Pleasance, Avenue Q at The Bord Gais Energy Theatre (Dublin) and Gatz at the Noel Coward Theatre. It’s going to be a great summer. As ever, please email me at or follow me on Twitter (@oneinalongline) for updates.

Best wishes,


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STOP THE PRESS! Exciting Blog News – a publication and a transfer…

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Dear Readers,

I am really excited to announce that my ‘Guest Guide’ to musicals for being published next week (Tues/Weds) -I’ll send out a blog post with the link once it is up and running. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed your top 5s – this really was a  collaborative effort, and it was great to see such passion and debate! This article really is a product of the blog, as Culture Critic got directly in contact via my comments section, so this is a very happy extension to my already very exciting first few months foray into the theatre critic scene…

Hopefully you will agree with my choices – they are all modern musicals as I believe that there is so much great new material out there that is really underexposed. I found it very difficult to pick, having been spoiled with so much amazing theatre recently – maybe it will recommend a new show that you hadn’t thought about before.

I also have a couple of announcements of some changes to ‘One in a Long Line of Good Girls…’

We now have a brand new domain name (so it’s easier to tell all of your friends, hint hint) and an email address to go with it – This is for you to send me comments/suggestions that you don’t want to post in the comments section, as well as the new commissions for fab articles that you want me to write, free tickets you want to offer me… Pretty professional, huh? We also now have a brand new Facebook page – just search for ‘One in a Long Line of Good Girls’ – just click ‘Like’ and you’ll have posts straight to your news feed! As ever, you can also subscribe by clickign the ‘Sign me up!’ button which displays on each page in the right hand column, above the Twitterfeed.

Now for the sadder news – I’m afraid that the blog is making a bit of a location change as I’ll be moving away from London to Dublin at the end of September. I’m really excited about going there (to move in with my other half),  but the blog was the main reason that I initially resisted leaving (as well as being torn away from Starling Arts, who I’ve been singing with for the past 18 months). I’ve had such a fantastic time visiting countless shows all over London and getting to write about them to an appreciative audience – a double treat that has made the last four months very special and happy indeed. In the words of Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, “I’m doing this for love”, but let’s hope it doesn’t end up too Last 5 Years on us!

However, the show will undoubtedly go on. I have been quietly gathering advice on the Dublin theatre scene recently, and the plan is for me to cover Dublin shows, but also to pop back to London pretty frequently for some intense theatre action. I’ll also make an extra effort to get tot outing shows, which could give me the advantage of getting the review in before it hits the UK.

Also, if anyone has any theatrical tips or contacts in Dublin, please share them! I’m going to have to start my networking all over again, so, as ever, every little helps!

Thanks again for all of your support and I do hope that you’ll continue to follow the blog – it will be back full time in London at some point, I promise! I have some exams coming up at the end of July, but am still managing to squeeze in a trip to War Horse and Baby at the Barons’ Court Theatre before then, plus there are plans for London Road as soon as I hand in my final script. August and September are set to be very busy months as I make the most of every last opportunity, and blow all my cash on theatre tickets before having to convert it to Euros… I am also vaguely planning trips to New York – possibly for the Music Theatre festival in 2012, but if not it will be chock-full of Broadway and off-Broadway treats – I can’t wait!

Best wishes for a musical summer,

Helena x

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