Memphis – Shaftesbury Theatre (currently booking to October 2015)


An energising explosion of song, colour and movement. This show will blast away the cobwebs and leave you desperate to come back for more.

I’d heard great things about this show – one of my friends has been three times already. Yet, when we turned up late, missing the first song after a series of disasters left us trekking across London at the 11th hour in the rain, the situation was definitely counting against me being able to sit back and relax into the theatre zone.

However, Memphis was so absorbing that I forgot all my woes as soon as we managed to nestle into our seats. The view was great (even from the fifth price spot) and the £20 spent via feels like the best value that I’ve had from a West end performance in years. (See my review of the seats on

Beverley Knight is simply fantastic. Boy can that woman sing! She commands the stage, looking cute as a button but belting out the catchy tunes through a demanding set like a true pro. You’ll be transported back to the 1950s and pretty reluctant to crash back to reality at the end (although chances are that you’ll be singing ‘Someday’ for days to come).

This show is already booking right up to the end of October, and I can see it lasting longer if they can keep this up. Pure class.

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