Betwixt – Trafalgar Studios 2 until 10th September

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Difficult to describe, but impossible to resist – inside the Trafalgar Studios 2 at the moment awaits a magical mystery tour, awaiting to charm you with a musical tale from a parallel universe.

All musicals ask the audience to suspend disbelief for a time, but this one rips it away instantly with pure energy and fun. There is no time to consider the bizarre premise of the story of a blocked author, knocked-up princess, disembodied head and cross-dressing mute. The sheer quality of the cast and speed of the action will ensure that nobody but the extremely closed-minded could be left behind.

The cast are simply superb – Ashleigh Gray particularly shines as Miranda, (the bodiless head), Steven Webb has a great show-off part that he fulfils with aplomb and Benedict Salter is the perfect straight man to their oddities. To back it all up the madness is supported by Ellen Greene (Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors), Peter Duncan (of Blue Peter fame) and a chorus of four who often steal the scene, playing everything from inhabitants of a medieval embassy to trench-coated celebrity reporters.

The simple set is alight with bright colours, the music is catchy and the cumulative effect will leave you with a massive (albeit slightly bemused) grin. Sadly Ellen Greene’s last night is this Saturday (20th August) but judging from the quality of the current casting, a suitable replacement will have been selected. Head on down for a surreal evening!

Betwixt tickets are only £25 (£20 concessions) from ATG.

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One thought on “Betwixt – Trafalgar Studios 2 until 10th September

  1. Andrew says:

    The Viking Theatre at The Sheds is an exciting new venue on the Northside of Dublin. It is situated upstairs at Connolly’s The Sheds where the Clontarf Road and Vernon Avenue meet to form a thriving social hub for the surrounding area. Come check it out.

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