The idea…

This week I did one of my favourite things. I went to the theatre. Having arrived at the door five (maybe ten) minutes late the previous week after a combination of leaving work late/dramas with the 65 bus/unforeseen diversion away from Turnham Green Terrace, my sister and I had come across a locked theatre door. There was a notice saying that there was neither an interval or admission for latercomers and, as we heard the lyrics of the first song filtering through to us in the cold corridor, reminding us just how nearly we had made it – we had caused some definite danger on the road and run like the clappers – I felt possibly as dejected as I have for a long time.

Granted, this demonstrates how easy a run I’ve had in life, but it also shows just how much I wanted to be sitting there with that audience, distracting myself from the 9 to 5 on a Wednesday evening, breaking up the week by losing myself in some contemporary musical theatre. Luckily this story has a happy ending – my sister managed to salvage our relationship and our £15 ticket price by exchanging the tickets for a night the following week, and we did go to the ball. It was fantastic. Possibly made sweeter by having been so close to missing out completely. And the desire both to relive it and to get back to the writing that I have missed so much since graduating inspired me to (finally) start this blog. I hope that you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “The idea…

  1. Nick Sutton says:

    Gutted! Look forward to hearing about it next week. Congrats on the first post!

  2. design88 says:

    What a lovely read! Your a natural blogger Helena dear! Let me know when you next plan an outing! x

  3. Claire Robinson says:

    Helena what a fantastic idea, and a great way to showcase your blogging talent! I look forward to reading the reviews.. Perhaps you will review me one day!
    Best of luck with it all
    Claire xx

    • helenaoftroy says:

      Thank you Claire! I will definitely come and review your next performance. If you fancy any trips to the theatre for ‘research’ in the meantime, I’m almost always up for it… x

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